So long, Farewell

I have a total of 8 posts including this one  I didn’t make any in my interest and non were school based just from the blogging challenge I don’t know how many comments I got but i know I have some the one that posted the most comments was when I wrote about bikes I don’t know why that happened. I enjoyed writing about bikes because I like riding bikes and writing about bikes was fun. No I didn’t change the themes in my blog at all I didn’t want to write it anyways. I have some widgets but I don’t think I have too many but I think I have enough. I don’t have any People overseas in my blogroll I think. I used google and thats mostly it.

The blogs that I have read

Daniel he is 11 years old and he likes football and also watching it.

Trevion is 11 years old and likes gaming and football

Melanie is 11 years old and likes playing minecraft and reading

Anthony is 12 years old and likes football and soccer

Jordan is 12 years old and likes reading and playing sports

These were all the blogs I read they were all good because some of them had sports that I liked.

Raise Your Voice/everyday hero

I am going to talk about my everyday hero. My everyday hero I would say is my mom because she does like everything for me. She loves me she cares for me and she never lets me down that often but most of the time she cares for me she cooks for me she comforts me when I am sad she is always there for me that’s why I think she is my everyday hero. But that’s not all that she does for me she also takes me agree I want to go we almost always agree what to eat because we like mostly all the same things that’s what I like about my mom we almost never argue about what to eat that’s why I think my mom is my everyday hero. She also likes to spend time with me and my brother and sister cause we are all she has left that’s why when I get mad at here sometimes I always apologize because she is my mom and I would be sad if anything happened to her that’s why I apologize. I think that my mom is my hero mainly because she has taken care of us by herself for like many years because my dad got deported back to Mexico because hey got in trouble with the cops he left when I was three that was the last day if seen him that’s why I think my mom is my everyday hero because she has been taking care of me for so long that’s why she is my everyday hero. Thanks everybody for reading my post it took alot of thought but I meant every word so thanks for reading it was a real joy writing it I hope you get the same joy as I did ok well I will see you next time.